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Gmail Browser 0.97

Gmail Browser 0.97

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Gmail Browser Editor's Review

The 'Gmail Browser' program is a simple Web browser for your Gmail account.

This program is a browser based on WebKit. Therefore, it's a compact version of Safari, which can browse the Gmail login and account webpage. The interface lacks any form of browsing features, except for the 'File' menu, which has some basic browsing functionality, such as New, Home, Reload, and Close.

The login action and the browsing of your Gmail account works the same way as it does on other browsers. In fact, this one even lacks the support for adding your accounts and passwords to your KeyChain.

Pluses: It uses Safari's engine, WebKit. It gives you quick access to your Gmail login page. It has quite a good startup speed.

Drawbacks / flaws: It can't store account details into your KeyChain.

In conclusion: This application brings some improvements when using Google's Web mail service. If you want a program that does the same job that any Web browser can do, then you can try this program. The startup speed of this application shouldn't be an excuse for using it. Camino has a comparable startup speed.

version reviewed: 0.92

Gmail Browser Publisher's Description

Gmail Browser is a web browser that is dedicated to running Gmail and Google calendar. Why? Well, for me, reading email is usually a work activity, while web browsing is mostly play. And so, when I check my email, I easily get distracted by other web sites. Separating Gmail from the rest of the internet helps me concentrate.

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